Using The Salesforce Integration


Integrating with Salesforce is quick and easy. 

  • To start, visit the Integrations page (found under Advanced Features in the app) and add a new Connection to Salesforce. 
  • You'll be automatically redirected to Salesforce's secure server, which will prompt you for your Salesforce username and password (if you aren't already logged in).
  • You'll then be redirected back to the Salesforce integration page, where you'll select the Salesforce lists you'd like to sync from and the Ez Texting Groups you'd like to sync to.

Helpful Notes

  • Phone numbers must be valid ten digit North American phone numbers (no leading 1s!)
  • We'll never overwrite any data in your Salesforce account
  • To import numbers from EzTexting into Salesforce, you can export EzTexting contacts at any time into a CSV/Excel and then import them into Salesforce


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