What Are Keywords And How Do They Work?


Using a keyword on our shared short code is an extremely powerful tool when it comes to building a successful SMS or MMS marketing campaign.  They can be used to meet a variety of needs. If you'd like to learn more, the best way to understand what keywords can do is to look at some examples on this page.

The process is simple: people can easily opt-in to your group text messaging list by texting your chosen keyword to the number 313131 (393939 in Canada). The person will then receive an automated reply message (which you can easily customize) confirming their subscription to your group messaging list.

For example, if you have the keyword 'Deals', you could create a message that reads "Text 'DEALS' to 313131 (393939 in Canada) to get on our deals mailing list!"

Want to learn about Sub Keywords? Click here to get started.


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