Reminder Campaigns


Reminder Campaigns are automated campaigns that allow a user to automatically schedule messages according to a specified date and time.  The user upload a list of contacts (phone numbers) and dates, and specifies the campaign settings.


Typical Uses

  • Payment reminders
  • Birthday/anniversary reminders
  • Annual checkup reminders
  • Appointment reminders

How To Create a Reminder Campaign

  1. Expand the Advanced Campaigns option on the left navigation menu and select Reminder Campaigns.
  2. Choose “Create Reminder Campaign”.
  3. Select the Caller ID for your reminder messages. This is the number that message recipients will see as the sender message.
    • You can use the shared short code for your account, or you can use one of your Textable Numbers.
    • If you’ve not purchased a Textable Number, you can do so for use with your Reminder Campaigns.
  4. Name Your Reminder Campaign.
  5. Create your template message.
    • You can use merge fields that will be replaced with contact data from your contact list so that when each contact receives their individual message, it is automatically customized specifically for them.
  6. Customize the schedule settings. Use these settings to offset the reminders to go out at a date relative to the dates you load with your contacts (see step 8). For example,
    • If you wish to send out a reminder one day before the date provided with the contact upload, change the “Relative Send Date” option to be 1 Day before.
    • You can also change the relative send time to make sure the message goes out at a specific time on that date.
    • Continue by pressing the “Create Reminder” button at the bottom of the page.
  7. After creating the shell of your campaign, upload a spreadsheet (csv, xls, xlsx) containing the phone numbers and dates for each of your contacts.
    • For reference, download our pre-formatted upload template, and simply copy and paste your data into the correct columns. Save the updated template, then upload the file directly to your account.
  8. After selecting your upload file, preview the field mapping and use the drop down options to make any corrections.
    • Click Continue to proceed.
  9. The system will import your contacts and schedule the your reminders to be sent.
  10. Reload your page to see the reminders scheduled to be sent according to dates/times you uploaded with your contacts, and offset by the selected settings.


Should you wish to alter any of the scheduled messages, you can do so either from the Scheduled tab of your outbox, or by viewing the scheduled reminders for each campaign via the Reminders Campaign management pages.


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